Participate 1.1.1 Character Traits

Blogging is a great way for parents, students, and teachers to share ideas on concepts we are learning in class. Before you post to the blog, you need to think about what you are posting and follow internet etiquette. As you know, the internet has no boundaries, anything you post can and probably will been seen by millions of people. Check out this tweet: As you can see from this class photo, anything posted to the Internet literally can travel the world! Therefore, you need to be thoughtful and respectful of anything you post. Another rule to always follow is to never copy anyone’s work and claim it as your own, this is called plagiarism. You should also never download illegal music, try to hack into others information, create a worm or virus, or steal anyone’s identity. All of these activities can result in criminal charges. The main purpose of a classroom blog is to learn material taught in class. If you know a different way to solve our problems, this blog is a safe place for you to post your ideas. As class members post their ideas, try their problem solving technique and see if you too understand the mathematical process. However, if you do not understand the technique do not post insulting remarks. We all are different and therefore we all learn differently.

I hope you enjoy our class blog and will share your ideas and problem solving techniques with others!
I made a comic strip to help you become a responsible digital citizen:


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