Participate 2.1.1 Collecting Reputable Digital Resources

I learned many new things doing my walkabout on the web.  My middle school has a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) policy and students are allowed to access the Internet whenever a teacher has an assignment that requires Internet access. We also have Internet safe guards so that students cannot access improper material at school.  If a student does not have a cell phone, or tablet, we have ipad minis and PCs in the classroom for student use.  In addition we have 3 computer labs that teachers may reserve for class activities.

Students at my school are proficient in taking quizzes on-line using Google Form, Socrative, and Kahootit.   My school has subscriptions to and USATestprep,com which allows for our students to practice concepts in their grade and subject area. I supplement my instruction with Khan Academy, Learnzillion, Discovery, and Illuminations.  All of these tools allow students to proceed through learning math concepts in an interactive environment.

As I proceeded through the walkabout I learned several new things about Internet Safety, I have posted them at,safety.  They include:

Raising Digital Citizens/

A Web Quest for students:Internet Safety Webquest at

Safe Browsing Tool/ WOT (Web of Trust)

These three websites can teach students how to safely search on the Web and will help students to maximize their learning.  I think the app that can be added to Google Chrome will be a great tool for my students.  Of course with the Web having so much inappropriate data, parents will need to monitor and/or put parental controls on Internet access to ensure that children do not post things on the Internet that could lead to trouble such as their home address, phones numbers, etc.

I also posted several of my bookmarks on the which my students use to explore different learning styles.


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