Navigate 1.1.2 Roles and Functions in an Online Learning Environments

For several years now, I have been part of a SIS system via Infinite Campus software.  As a teacher, I maintain attendance and the gradebook on a daily basis.  Our Infinite Campus also has the Ga DOE SLDS link, which includes students’ personal information, previous CRCT test scores, current and previous grades, each student’s GTID number, enrollment data, and links to assessment aligned to our Georgia Standards.  There is also a parental portal which allows parents/guardians to check attendance and grades.

I was not familiar with the LMS but after reading the information below I assume our technology department maintains the LMS duties.

  • LMS Administrators – Within this role, multiple departments may be tasked with certain responsibilities most of which involve the controls and settings that are necessary to the functions and responsibilities of all other users.  These technical responsibilities usually fall in the Instructional Technology (IT) department or other technical agency.
  • Instructional Administrators – These administrators are tasked with duties and responsibilities related to instructional policies and processes for student accounts as well as teacher accounts. Additionally, courses scheduling, course options/offerings, teaching assignments and grade maintenance/procedures are also responsibilities of instructional administrators.
  • Content Developers –Content developers are responsible for creating the course content for each of the departments within the educational organization.
  • Organizational Data Analyst – Those individuals charge with this role are responsible for the collection of data from multiple areas or departments (users, courses, departments, semesters, etc.) within the organization for the purposes of technical quality assurance and instructional improvement.
  • Teacher – Teachers are the course facilitators as well as the managers of the classroom and students who are responsible for the day to day collaborations and teaching within the educational environment.

Source: TOOL


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