Navigate 2.1.1 Delivery Methods and Synchronous Vendor Market

synchronous learning

Being a middle school math teacher, I use Learn Zillion and Khan Academy as supplementary material.  My students can access these two websites from home, if they need to review concepts.  I realize that these two websites are not synchronous learning environments, but at the middle school age they do help with students learning and provide a limited experience with on-line learning.

As I reviewed the different synchronous delivery methods, I think the Big Blue Button has more features for classroom learning. Teachers can use their whiteboards, there is a microphone feature, and a virtual chat room.   I really like that teachers can have a private chat with a student.  This can be very beneficial in a math class when a student is not applying a concept correctly and only the teacher and student can see what is posted.

big blue button

Other delivery methods:

  • Adobe Connect This option enable instant access and cross-mobile device or firewall collaboration from virtually anywhere.
  • Cisco Webex- Allows interactive classes and training online, with video, breakout sessions, and hands-on learning labs. It allows up to 1,000 participants per session.
  • GoToMeeting- Allows interaction with students anywhere in the world. It can be access from any mobile device, and allows conferences of up to three people.
  • Google+Hangouts- Allows to share information, graphics, photos, and group conversations.



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