Navigate 2.1.4 Lecture Capture

Lecture capture is recording classroom-based activities in a digital format that students can watch over the web.  It is a tool that can be used to access lessons taught by the teacher either live or later on the web.  This is a great modification to classrooms because students can watch lessons again if they were confused on concepts taught.

For the past two school years, teachers at my school have been working with  Sophia has webinars for teachers to earn Sophia certification on varying topics, including flipping the classroom.  I like the group wall on Sophia, I can post Powerpoints I showed in class, and other documents to the group wall.  Students are given a code to access the site and set up their account. On the group wall students can post questions on topics they don’t understand.  The students enjoy posting comments to each other.  Sophia has lessons by Common Core Standard that teachers can use in their classroom.  There is also a quiz feature, but it is very short and therefore I did not like using it for formative assessments.  Instead I use Google Forms.


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