Navigate 3.1.3 Tools within the LMS Forum

Tools in Blackboard that are most valuable are the discussion boards, uploads of files, and tests/quizzes grading that were made in Blackboard.

I think the tools that are the least valuable is the e-mail, almost everyone has an e-mail account but I do like the socialization where you can have all your social websites in one place.

Communication Tools in Blackboard Communication Tools in Blackboard Gradebook  (GradeCenter) in Blackboard
Email – class, individual, group Assignments Grades can be calculated as points, percentages,
Announccements for Class SafeAssignments – plagiarism prevention complete or incomplete, pass or fail, GPA and letter grades
Asynchronous Discussions Discussion Grade columns can be hidden
Blogs E-books Grade Center Columns can be frozen so they don’t scroll
Wikis Parent e-mail Blackboard assessment are added automatically
Journals Sociability Manually you can enter blogs, journals,
Synchronous Presentations & Discussions Surveys Wikis, Assignments, graded discussion boards
Tests/Quizzes Grades can be entered manually, from the
Grade Center Columns can be frozen so they don’t scroll
Grades can be overriden, exempted, or deleted
Grades can be weighted
Grade calculations include averages

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