Communicate 1.1.1 Definitions of communication Quest


How have your individual communication skills changed as with the innovations in technology?

Throughout my life, there  have been phenomenal changes in the communication world.  I remember party lines and having to wait for someone else’s conversations to end to make a call.   Having an 89 year old mother-in-law and my parents in their mid to late seventies, I am constantly reminded of how communication has changed.  My parents and mother-in-law still wait for the mail to arrive each day, and if it is late, oh my goodness!  Though the main things that come through snail mail are sale circulars and bills.  None of them have ever sent an e-mail, text message, or any type of electronic communication.

My children and grandchildren are on the other end of the spectrum, constantly playing on a mobile phone.Posting or view facebook, sending text instead of calling, and of course playing games.    I guess I am somewhere in the middle!!  I remember my first car phone, which is now a dinosaur, but it was a bag phone and there was no toting it around.  Then came the cell phone revolution.  It is amazing to me how many 12 and 13 year old students I teach that have expensive smartphones.  After beginning this journey, I have discovered that often cell phones are the only access to the Internet that many of my students have.  We are in a new world of communication with newer and faster gadgets bombarding the market.  There is no waiting to find out anything anymore, we are all on someone’s speed dial.

How have advancements in technology altered classroom communication?

As I have mentioned before, with a BYOT policy at my school, students had rather be on the Internet working on study island, or a web quest, than sitting and taking notes the traditional way.  Language Arts teachers are constantly complaining that all the texting is further decaying grammar and spelling skills.  There are a multitude of technological activities to increase or supplement concepts taught in the classroom, but I can’t help but worry about our students developing true face to face communication skills in society.  It also appears to me that parents had rather e-mail teachers than have face to face meetings.  I guess in a nut shell, text and e-mails are one way to check on their children and have a record of conversations.  With that in mind, teachers must be careful to never put grades or personal information about students in these types of conversations.

As the latest and greatest technology is released, I think we are in for a whirlwind of new changes in the future.


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