Navigate 3.1.4 LMS Reporting Quest

Blackboard’s Grade Center has many analytical options:

  • Analyze student activity and performance patterns over time
  • Identify at-risk student behavior based on usage and performance
  • Measure student learning outcomes again course grades and learning standards and objectives
  • Assess compliance with teaching requirements
  • Monitor and analyze trends to enact or validate curriculum and pedagogical change
  • Establish and track KPIs through institutional dashboards to measure strategic goals
  • Provide immediate access to pertinent performance information
  • Decrease reliance on customized and static reports and queriesBlackboard’s Manage Display Options allows you to create and modify grade display  options and set their values. ·
  • Weight Grades ­ allows you to weight grades by item or by categories, such as homework, quizzes, etc. All items must have a point value of 100 for the  Weight Grades feature to work properly. ·
  • Download Grades  will download the  grade  book  as  a CSV file that you can  open with Microsoft Excel. ·
  • Upload Grades  will allow you to upload grades  from a  spreadsheet to the  Blackboard grade book.  Blackboard recommends that you first download your  grade  book,  then enter  the  grades  into the spreadsheet,  and  upload them.

    Source: file:///C:/Users/Sharon/Downloads/AnalyticsforLearnDS_web4.pdf


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