Navigate 3.2.1 Tools for Deciding on an LMS

As I read through the articles and searched on the Internet the options are almost endless. Choosing an LMS will definitely take research and trial runs.  Being a middle school teacher, I know that cost is the biggest issue.  Therefore it was not a surprise to me that Moodle is number one.  I have use Moodle Middle School Math and my students enjoyed it.


According to the article from Capterra,,   October 2014, Top 5 LMS systems are:

1.  Moodle –  free open source for educators that has the largest selections of activities available which can be customized to meet school’s needs.

2.  Edmodo – provides content sharing, real-time feedback, communication tools, classroom management for education

3.  Blackboard – Enterprise software applications and services for learning and development used by businesses and education.

4.  Skillsoft – choice of hundreds of global organizations for learning programs within organizations.

5. Schoology – online learning, classroom management, and social networking platform.

I researched more and found that Google has started an LMS, which is currently only available to education.  However, though my school uses many Google Apps and has a school Google site, I was not able to access it.  After reading further, I found that Google classroom just went up in January 2015 after a beta that began October 2014.  It appeared that Google classroom charges $8 annually for a domain name to use the LMS.


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