Communicate 2.1.1 Identify Stakeholders Quest

The descriptions I read correlate to my perception of stakeholders in education students, parents, and teachers.  As the old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”  all stakeholders want the best for each child.

Additional stakeholders include the local school administrative staff utilizing the online platform.  The information they enter must be accurate not only in regards to each child’s demographic information, but the entering of correct courses, and in Georgia the GTID number that identifies our students on state testing.  In addition, the community/society is an indirect stakeholder.  Georgia students are guided through College and Career readiness webquests that begin in 6th grade.  My county has recently passed a local SPLOST tax to build a College and Career Center and an Agriculture building.  These buildings will house many new and exciting courses for our students to take during the high school career.  Local businesses have jumped on board and will be recommending courses that their establishments need for students to enter the workforce.  Hopefully the businesses will also contribute money.

In an online environment the administrators of the LMS are crucial in assuring all information is accurate and secure.  They also must have a backup system in place in case the site crashes.


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