Communicate 4.1.1 Evaluation Methods and Communication Practices

In an online format, communication is key to all stakeholders.  As I have learned through progressing through TOOL, educators must keep students informed of upcoming assignments, send reminder e-mails, and have an open line of communication.  Feedback to questions, or assignments must be made in a timely manner so that the student can address concepts not understood.  The feedback should be positive and offer constructive suggestions to assignments.

Authentic feedback is “real” and gives students specific details on concepts completed correctly.  Currently, I am required to give pre-assessments to students and then place them in one of three categories:  met, minimally met, far to go.  Though the far to go category can be very discouraging to the students, differentiation strategies will help these students meet their objectives.

In an online learning class, a teacher will need to address each category, and give meaningful suggestions or links to the students who need help.  A private email conversation might be to have the student explain where he/she became confused, and/or what he/she understood.


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