Communication 4.2.3 Discussions Quest

Discussion forums are essential to the online learning environment.  Students need to feel a part of the learning community for the online class and the teacher must maintain up to date discussion forums. A discussion board can be part of the class page on the LMS.  As I explored Blackboard, there were many ways to set up discussion boards.  As I read the article Socratic Method and Online Teaching by Doug Ward he explained that the discussion board forum works like a classroom discussion where the instructor puts questions, or problems, and students respond.  Then the teacher can respond to the group or students individually.  Students can also respond to each other on the class discussion board.

I think the answers to all three questions in this quest:

  • What role or purpose do discussion forums serve in the online classroom and are they effective?
  • How do discussion forums function as a teaching tool?
  • How could they be used effectively and ineffectively?  Furthermore, what are some best practices for facilitating forums online?

Are answered in the you tube video:


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