Create 1.1.1 Time Management


source: google image

Five time management skills to implement to help you professionally:

1.  Get up early.  To be able to work quietly, without any interruptions, I feel this is the best time management practice.  Early in the morning is about the only time of day when one is not interrupted by their children or others, it gives a time to think and plan for upcoming assignments or events.

2.  Using your concept map, plan out as many lessons as possible.  I use an online calendar that I can add lesson ideas and/or events to easily.

3.  Collaboration with colleagues is key so that you can bounce ideas off each other of how to meet students’ needs.

4.  Have a “catch up” time built into your weekly calendar.  If you don’t need it, you can plan future lessons and activities.

5.  Flexibility to schedules will be a natural occurrence.  Despite all the careful planning one does, change will occur.


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