Create 1. 1.3 Appearance Quest

Below is a list of websites that I recommend to my 7th and 8th grade students:

1.  Learn Zillion – (free, great videos for students by Common core standard.  Lessons for teachers by  Common Core Standard)

2. Khan Academy – (free, instructions on most any academic topic)

3. StudyIsland – School system pays for subscription, students can access 24/7 practice and games for all Georgia standards

4.  USA TestPrep – school system pays for subscription, teachers assign students questions from standards being taught.  You can either add your own or retrieve a file that already exists.

5.  Brain Pop – short 2-3 minute videos on math, science, other academic areas.  The middle school students like the videos.

6..  Purple Math – free, helps with understanding algebra concepts

7.   Algebra Lab –  free, practice algebra using the graphing calculator

8.  Cool Math – free, middle school students love it.

9.  Math Goodies – free, activities are designed by grade level

10. Kutasoftware – for teachers – free, worksheets that have answer keys


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