Create 2.1.1 – Web Tools

1.  Presentation tools: I have explored many presentation tools through my TOOL quests:

  • Flipsnack –  I really like flipsnack, you can easily upload a powerpoint and it makes a flipbook!
  • Prezi – I used prezi in one my quest requirements it was very interesting.  I enhance my lessons daily with short powerpoints that I have made through the years.  I have had students turn in Prezi presentations for projects, but until TOOL I had never taken the time to work with it.
  • Slideshare – allows you to upload files, graphic, videos.  The end product can be accessed on the web.

2.  Communication tools –  I had no idea there are so many.

  • Google docs – we use it at school, teachers can add information that other teachers need to know such as after school detention students, tutoring students etc.
  • Wikispaces – a great communication tool that you can share with all stakeholders, students, parents, teachers, and administration.  You can upload files from your computer that you taught and students can access the wikispace from home.
  • Smore – I love Smore.  Again, it is a new tool I have discovered through TOOL.

    3.  Evaluation Tools –

  • KahootIT!  – my middle school students love it.  You can enter your own questions or use questions in an item bank.  Though you don’t get individual grades, it is a great way to review for a test.
  • Quizlet – you can enter your own questions or use question that have been put there by another teacher.
  • Google Form – We use Google Forms at my school to allow students to enter answers to quizzes/tests.  Then you can run Flubaroo to grade the form!

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