Create 4.1.1 Define and Explain Learning Authoring Tools

Create 4.1.1 Define and Explain Learning Object Authoring Tools Quest

According to, “a content-authoring tool is a software application used to create multimedia content typically for delivery on the World Wide Web. Content-authoring tools may also create content in other file formats so the training can be delivered on a CD (compact disc) or in other formats for various different uses. The category of content-authoring tools includes HTML, Flash, and various types of e-Learning authoring tools.”

Free Tools:

Quizlet – This is a completely free site with educators working on creating a tool that helps with studying and practice. Users can create flashcards, create games, multiple choice quizzes, and even daily worksheets for classroom practice. There are options for uploading videos and audio recordings.
Slideshare – This is actually a free Web 2.0 based slide hosting service. Users can upload files through Powerpoint, PDF, Keynote or OpenDoc formats and have the ability to video or record voice on the slides.
Hot Potatoes – includes six applications that can be downloaded as one suite that allows for the creation of six different interactive exercises. These include multiple choice, short answer; jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/order, and gap fill type questions.
Sites you pay, some for full access:
Glogster – Teachers may access a free version to create blogs. The paid versions offer more options including allowing a number of students to use the site. I love this user-friendly platform, which allows teachers to make dynamic and effective presentations.

What2Learn – Make a wide range of interactive learning games for free using the What2Learn game machine, this part is free.  Then for a fee you can add the premium edition which generates grades and reports and gives access to more games.

Smartbuilder –  Some of the functions are available free for anyone, and these functions include object library, action authoring, template library, create your own template, lesson hosting, and tutorials. Then, for a fee(per user) you can add more functions like powerpoint import, content download, scorm tracking, translation tool, review tool, and collaborate tool.


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