Evaluate 3.1.2 Self-Reflection on Teaching Abilities

learning pyramid

As I began this TOOL quest, I thought that since  my school has a BYOT policy and the fact that I use numerous online websites such as StudyIsland, Google Forms, Khan Academy, Learn Zillion, Powerpoint, Quizlet, Remind 101, Socrative, Sophia, and a class website that I was really using technology in my classroom.  I quickly realized that I have just touched the iceberg of online learning.  I have learned SO much that I plan to incorporate into my classroom.

As the learning pyramid above shows, student retention rates are highest when they teach others. As I reflect on previous assignments I have given to my students, I can see how many of the new online tools I have learned can help each student move closer to the 90% retention.   I plan to incorporate Flipsnack, Prezi, Powtown, and Smore as options for my students to complete assignments and share with their classmates.   For my students who do not want to get in front of the class I think they will really enjoy Powtown and/or Smore  to showcase their ideas.  This in turn will allow for my students to truly learn mathematical concepts.

Self Reflection is a must for teachers, it allows teachers to modify instruction and make changes (if we teach the same subject from one year to the next).  I realized the importance of self reflection years ago as I proceeded through National Board Certification.  Self reflection is a practice I embrace throughout each school year.  I truly believe that teachers must self reflect to learn, change, and adapt to the needs of our students.

I have learned so many exciting things through the TOOL quests that I will incorporate into my lessons.The TOOL Quests have definitely been a meaningful learning experience!  Happy Pi day!

2013-2014 TKES Evaluation


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