Navigate Perspective Paragraph

Navigate Perspective

     This was one of the most interesting quest for me.  I currently use Goggle Forms, Sophia, Remind 101 and my own website in my classroom.  My school has Infinite Campus to maintain student data, attendance, gradebooks, etc.  I had never heard of an LMS system, though I guess in some ways I have been using them on a restricted basis.

Having an LMS system would be great.  I realize that cost is a huge barrier, but as I learned in my research Google is jumping in with an LMS, but in the small county I work in, I don’t think they will adapt a full LMS system. As I worked through the quest I researched different LMS systems and their seemed to be more positive comments about Schoology.  However, I wasn’t successful with Schoology and switched to Blackboard Collaborate due to my inexperience in this area.  I learned about SCROM files and SoftChalk.

Since completing this quest, I have been placing my PowerPoints in Schoology to gain some real time experience with an LMS.  I have not added assignments at this time because I honestly don’t know if that would be allowed by my administration.


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