Create Paragraph Perspective

Create Perspective

    Being creative in an online learning environment will be a must.  I loved Glogster and made a few presentations for my current class using Glogster.  When looking for learning authoring tools there were many free tools.  The ones I like are Quizlet, Slideshare, and Hot potato.  All three of these online tools allow teachers to enter questions, or multimedia to help students learn.  I was shocked to see how easy it was to upload a Powerpoint presentation to flipsnack.  Flipsnack will allow students to see presentations in a new environment.

Edmodo, Moodle, and Sophia allow for creative ways for teachers to meet their students’ needs.  All have group walls for group interactions.  I have used Sophia for two years in my classroom.  It is interesting to see what my 7th and 8th students post to each other on the group wall.  Of course, I had to give guidelines that the posts need to be related to the math concept being studied.  When a student proposes a different way to solve a problem, it is easy to share with classmates and then, most of the time, critical thinking skills kick in and a very good conversation takes place.



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