Communicate Perspective Paragraph

Communicate Perspective

     Communication is vital to the success of a class whether the class is online or in a building.  Students want to feel they “belong” in their class and that they are valued.  As I researched communication in an online environment, I really liked Evernote, and best of all it is free. Evernote allows you to store documents in the cloud and divide it into different notebooks.  This is very advantageous for teachers.

Giving students authentic feedback through discussion forums, private e-mails, and rubrics allow students to gain a better understanding of concepts they have mastered, as well as concepts that they need to practice.  Teachers can easily do this in an online environment with Evernote, or a personal e-mail with links to study sites.  I also liked the audio feedback for online classes.  This option will allow students to feel more at ease hearing their teacher’s voice and the teacher can “guide” students through complicated processes or concepts.

Above all, communication between student and teacher is key to success!


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